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. is a payment gateway company specializing in providing businesses with simple, accessible, easy to use payment services.
Our eCheck service will allow new businesses with limited credit history to process checks without the requirement of holdback’s or reserves.
This is especially convenient for those who may be processing large amounts of money such as attorney’s, doctors,
pharmaceutical companies, insurance agents, and mortgage loan officers.

Because of the many benefits and increased security methods that electronic checks offer, this method of payment is quickly growing in popularity.
According to, in 2007, electronic check conversion increased by 30%, with more than 3.1 billion paper checks converted
to echecks through in-store transactions.’s eCheck system will save you time and money and help you provide greater
protection for your business and customers.

No Monthly Fee. Processing an echeck is substantially less costly than that of
paper check processing or credit card transactions.

Funds received sooner. Businesses that use electronic check conversion have funds deposited almost
twice as fast as those using the traditional check processing method. can clear funds within 24-48 hours.

Increased sales. If your business didn't accept paper checks in the past, you can expand the
payment options available to your customers and increase sales by offering eChecks without
the worry of fraud; eChecks require account validation and customer authentication
processes that identify bad checks.

Simple, safe, smart. Electronic check conversion is easy to set up and
relies on the ACM Network for processing, the same reliable and trusted funds transfer system
that handles Direct Deposit and Direct Payment. We are not governed any NACH rules

Fewer errors and reduced fraud. eChecks are processed using an automated system, which
cuts down the number of people who must handle the check, reducing the potential for error and fraud.

Merchant service providers also maintain, monitor, and check files against negative account
databases that store information about individuals or companies that have past records
of fraud to help decrease fraudulent activity.

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